Tower of Babel – 666

So, just out of the blue, the estimate for a new building, the tallest one in Israel, that looks a lot like the famed “Tower of Babel”, was projected to be $666 million dollars. Really?!?!

His Right Hand

There are 6 green sections on the device on his right hand.

Little Donkeys


Not related to the number 666 but the 7 chakras are devils. Mary Magdalene was saved from being inhabited by 7 devils, Luke 8:2

6 Bars

Clean Freshen Remove

Buying and selling = 666

Just Beeswax

Greek 666

A Tale of Two Rockets

Featuring the 3-Hexagon rocket thrusters on the tail of the ship that carries scientists to study the Monolith at Jupiter, from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY –  and from the movie FIRST MAN, the experimental plane that Neil Armstrong flew, where he ascended above the heights of the clouds to escape the atmosphere and gravity of earth.

two rockets 666