From the movie “The Bourne Legacy”

2014-07-17 09.42.04

In this latest of the “Bourne” series of movies, we find out that the CIA runs a secret program that augments select agents by altering their DNA, giving them super strength, the ability to heal quickly, and increasing their intelligence.

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  1. interesting


  2. No wonder “Jason Bourne” could out maneuver a legion of bad-guy CIA agents over the span of 3 entire movies. He’s what they call a ‘cyborg’? Part man/Part Machine?! Or maybe Part man/Part Gorilla/Part Brocolli?! Since I’ve heard that they also cross in some plant life DNA, along with animal DNA, but why, I have no idea! Kind of makes come to life, in a way, the movie, “The Thing From Another World”[the original movie], since he was what they referred to as an intelligent “carrot”, of sorts. If all of this wasn’t so serious I’d have to add in an “lol”, but it is, so I won’t. đŸ™‚


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