I would say that this tree is probably cursed.

2014-08-15 13.44.56

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  1. I’ve been noticing that ‘tree’ around alot these days. I think it’s being promoted as “The Tree of Life”. So misguided! The reason God barred entrance back into the garden, once Adam and Eve were evicted from it, was to keep them, and those who came after them, from eating from “The Tree of Life”, and living forever in the fallen state we find ourselves in due to original sin!

    They are falling for yet another evil deception, courtesy of our old nemesis, the devil, with him now convincing them that that ‘tree’ will somehow be accessible to them in the near future, if only they continue doing as he ‘tells’ them to. Yeah, right–and, donkeys can really fly if only they try hard enough! 🙂


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