Another Power Drink


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  1. It also has a totally strange name: “No-Xplode”–what in the world is meant by that?!


  2. Tried to look up the N.O. no reference to the meaning from the company.
    Did you also notice the the symbol of the hexagon surrounded by the ring of Saturn with a star at the pinnacle point on the top. Saturn or the ancient festival of Saturnalia the festival which Roman Catholics and better part of the world participate in better know as Christ-Mas. Were Saint Nick seem more worshiped than the Savior. Funny that the name Old Nick is another name for the devil, and Santa I sometimes wonder if it is misspent Satan.

    Hexagram 666 surrounded by Roman catholic Saturnalia religion, and star/angel at the top.
    I do believe that some of these people are truly ignorant of the symbols on their product, yet as a musician plays a instrument so they are play by fallen spirits.
    These are some of my observations, but let the Word of God be your everything.



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